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Proud Sponsor of Girls On The Run International 2015


Girls On The Run International 5k bib

The ENJOYOURIDE brand has sponsored the Girls On The Run International for the last 2 years. Our contributions made it possible for 20 girls to participate in the program that would not have originally had the funding to do it on their own.

Girls on the Run is not just a 5k. It consists of a yearly program that includes after school lessons that builds confidence and inspires girls at a young age through fun team building exercises and activities.

We only post our logo on the bibs and get involved on race days. The true hero’s are the teachers and parents who put the time in year round to inspire these girls.

We can honestly say we love being a part of this program.

Learn. Dream. Live. Run.


Life’s a roller coaster.

Don’t remain seated.




Life's a roller coaster. Don't remain seated. @ENJOYOURIDE #EYR

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