9/11/15 and big brands?

I will admit it… Although I am very skilled in marketing and find it quite fun I sometimes look at other brands for tips. Brands that I think I would like the ENJOYOURIDE brand to be like one day and I am noticing a trend today on all of their social media sites.

Not one brand mentioned the United States today on 9/11/15. Now, I won’t mention brand names, but they are large respected brands. Some national and some international. Now, I am hesitant when it comes to giving people who want attention attention. i.e. terrorists, but in my heart I feel like U.S.A. needed to be mentioned.

America was tested that day and we need to never forget the brave people who responded and the ones who were deployed to war after. So to all of you that were affected by 9/11 here is your mention from the soon to be big brand of ENJOYOURIDE . As long as I am the owner I promise we will never view patriotism as poor marketing practice.

Randy Scott



U.S.A. #1

USA flag against the sky
USA flag against the sky

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