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⬇️🌐Happy Earth Day 2017! 🌐⬇️

⬇️🌐Happy Earth Day 2017! 🌐⬇️

Share what you did for Earth Day in the comments!

EYRNE the truck got E85, but making that decision at the pump means more to mother earth than you might think.

EYRNE the truck is a flex fuel vehicle and we always use E85 when available. Yes, even if it’s more expensive, but it’s almost always cheaper. Today, it was .70 cents cheaper than Unleaded. It burns cleaner… Much cleaner. It also supports Americans and provides jobs.

That’s all very nice.. But, I don’t have a flex fuel vehicle.🙃 No worries. E-15 or unleaded 15 may be used in any vehicle 1990 and up! 😎

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