15 mIN. New York



We Finally Made it to New York, New York stopping at every exit from Walcott, Iowa to New York on I-80. We will be starting back in Iowa going west stopping at every exit until California. We have promised our viewers and sponsors that we will stop at every exit of every interstate in the U.S. and bring them along for the ride. America is just the start. We will also be filming in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and other countries.

Our episodes are on average 5-10 minutes long and air Mondays and Fridays. Some changes will be made going west bound I-80 to the episodes. We will only film during the day, We will have more activities at each exit, More camera angles, better quality footage, Etc.

We met wonderful people inside and outside of the city. The East is breathtaking with tons of history.

Thank you for joining us! We Travel to inspire creativity and wanderlust within yourself. We would rather you not watch our series and spend the time traveling and exploring for yourself.

We will see you at the next exit.

Safe Travels,
Randy & Meredith


El Vez NYC Thank you for an amazing first meal ever in #NYC !



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